Pokemon: Giovanni's Revenge

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Intro: Giovanni has come out of training to seek revenge. But, of course, is no problem for Prof. Red (from Pokemon: R/B/Y) who has beaten him a million times. But wait! Giovanni has defeated Red and taken his Pokemon. Who will stop Giovanni now?

Story: A few years have passed since Team rocket was temporary disbanded and Red is now working as a assistant for Prof. Oak and together they invented a new machine that combines 2 Pokemon DNA to make a new slightly more powerful one. Team Rocket have made a comeback and have stolen the machine and Red's Pokemon. Hearing many cool stories about how Red was a hero you long to get a piece of it but soon you realize how serious it really is.

new region
all 493 official Pokemon
new type of Pokemon league
Some never before seen Pokemon


The leader of Team Rocket. He quickly gets his revenge from Red but he still isn't satisfied, so what is his big plan?

Jessie and James
Giovanni's elite duo. No one is sure why but somehow Giovanni kept these bumbling idiots in the top.

Inspector Japp
He has been chasing Giovanni for years. And he's hot on the trail. He doesn't think you are up to helping.

Professor Red
Red has grown up and is an assistant now. He and Pro. Oak invented the Pokemon DNA combining system. But has he left Pokemon training?

A rich spoilt sport who parents give him whatever he wants.

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